SolarAPP+ is a free tool developed by NREL, in partnership with UL Solutions, International Code Council and others, that streamlines local permitting by allowing localities to safely and quickly review and approve rooftop solar applications through an online automated and standardized approval process. More than 27 localities across the US, including 2 in Virginia, are already using SolarAPP+ to streamline their workflow and reduce the overall time involved in issuing solar permits to less than one day.  

To learn more, visit NREL's Benefits of SolarAPP+ Online Permitting Software >

SolarAPP+ Introduction and Technical Demonstration


This video presents an introduction to the Solar Automated Permit Processing tool known as SolarAPP+. In addition to an introduction, this video also provides a technical demonstration of what an installer would walk through to submit a rooftop PV project in the tool and the approval documents that SolarAPP+ issues for a code-compliant project. For more information, visit NREL.


For more information, contact Elizabeth Marshall: emm2t@virginia.edu